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They've had enough giving stuff away and reverted to bog standard downwards auction BUT the lack of sync between what is on the picture and the bidding info box means you go cross eyed deciding when it is politic to put in a buy bid.
I will reserve my's not fair to immediately criticise as the format has just started so let's see how it goes over the evening.

One thing is true though........Rocks could not sustain selling jewellery for silly amounts at the rate they were,I imagine that it is a business decision.

I have had more than my share of bargains and would rather Rocks be available to buy from than not.:1:
Oh dear I can see there's going to be a lot of unhappy bunnies!! I haven't been to Rocks TV for absolutely ages but just had a wee nosey to see what had changed. Oh well they say a change is as good as a rest :Laughing1:
far from impressed. There are other better channels already doing falling auctions, thought rocks was meant to be different?

Hmmm, just tuned in (haven't been around for a while) - well as someone not used to most of the jewellery sites this is all new to me .... guess it's something we will get used to but it's a sad day for bargainhunters. :(
Well, I thought falling auctions were something Rocks didnt intend to do? Either way it wont affect me as i'm unable to log in/register.
That's the problem I usually have Tabs, but Perdita advised me to try using IE as the browser....and it worked.

I think they will need to offer some nice sweetners to start off and get folks enthusiastic about buying in this format.
Cant be bothered to hang around for something I'd like to come up. Also with this type of 'auction' I dont think you'll get as many 'impulse buys', now we're looking at 'considered purchase's' as QVC like to say.

Why not do away with the presenters and we could buy direct from the catalogue at set prices still cheaper than the shops.
Not keen on the new format either! Wish they could combine the both - Use the new format for the higher end pieces and the old one for the rest!

I can't see myself logged on untill 11 now! Well my OH and my CC are both Very Happy with the new format!!!!!!
Lol Tabs,

Also I've had to clear all Rockstv cookies to get things up and running again. Good luck hun.
Can't see it making their fortune myself. Is it all going to be in this format from now on? They have just become like all the other jewellery channels now - dull.
It's a shame :(
I had so much trouble trying to get on to the site that I gave up, it was OK before it went live stream then it all went to hell in a handbasket!!!

After watching for a few hours i am happy and i like the new format i have had some bargains and i think we should give them a chance. But i am looking forward to pre bidding on the coloured rocks home page when that goes live.
I dont mind it and its still cheap, I got a ring earlier for either £5 or £6, still bargains to be got from the large auctions.

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