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Jun 24, 2008
Does anyone think like I do that the new more realistic Start Prices give Gems TV much more credibility?

When it was the old start prices I had a lot of people say to me that it looked like some kind of a con as they actually thought they were saying the item was worth the start price! Not regular viewers I hasten to add.

I personally think it's a great move - Well Done Gems TV
What I have really noticed the final prices are not going as low as they used to.

Items starting at £400 which you would have thought would go to say £50-60 are stopping at near £80 instead.
The start prices are much more realistic...perhaps as a result of "rapped knuckles?" But i did notice that the end prices are staying up.
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I watched a few weeks ago for the first time and saw a 9ct ring with a green stone start at something like 15 grand :confused: it gave the impression of a con so i turned off and didn't go back.After reading the glowing testimonials on here i thought Gems was special but i just thought Auction World.
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Don't know if anybody has noticed but the T&Cs on the Gems website have totally changed. It's pages and pages long now, let's them pull games if they want (although I'm sure they do that anyway :rolleyes:) and basically is much more "legal" and professional. I think that the knuckles rapped thing is probably right.

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