New guy on GTV2?


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Beady Belle

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Just flicked over to GTV2 and there's a new Scottish man on. Seems like a bit of a laugh, and unlike Ali, his accent is not harsh.

He was talking about a party he went to in Manchester which overlooked the Corrie set. Said wouldn't it be funny if someone parachuted in, and landed on Rita, then said, well they'd probably bounce off because her hair is very lacquered:laugh:

Wonder if he's permanent or just a try out?

Hi M4G,

I've seen him a few times as I've been watching a little more of late. Seems like a pleasant young man, but no doubt he'll be whipped into hysteria in due course.

Argey xx
The jury's out I'm afraid. His voice is just a bit too high pitched and I haven't been able to watch for more than a few minutes. Reminds me to much of Ally.
I've seen him on a couple of times and I'm afraid the voice is too much for me yet again. Unfortunately it doesn't make much difference to me as I barely watch anymore and haven't got any interest in all their new lines which rather look to me as if they have bought up bankrupt Woolies stock. Things are not looking good with yet another mega sale, but I can't understand how they think they'll get out of trouble with the rubbish they are selling.

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