Neon Blue Apatite


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:wow: what a gorgeous colour!!!

Haven't bought any, just flicked over to see what the hoohaa was about.
Not really Meeshoo, very small stones, some 3 stone and 5 stone straight set rings, and some clusters, all smallish carat weights, but an amazing colour.
Did it look like this?


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More or less, I was struck by the fact that it didn't look like any other blue stone IYKWIM.
A vivid blue zircon can look a bit false because it's so blue! The one in my photo is much more blue and vivid irl!
Too bad the carat weights were on the small size, but the colour was amazing and the cuts looked good too. I bought a ring (fingers crossed, as it was on the web) just to see what it's like irl.
Good luck with it Oops, hope it lives up to expectations. I didn't see any of it but it's nice to feature something different for a change. :spider:
:wow: what a gorgeous colour!!!

Haven't bought any, just flicked over to see what the hoohaa was about.

I love Apatite M4G! I dribble when I see it so I'm sorry I missed that.....probably couldn't afford it anyway lol!
I thought I'd share my Neon Apatite ring which arrived yesterday. I'm not too sure about the design, but the gemstones are this amazing electric blue with a tint of green. My OH said it was just like a Paraiba with its own light source. This is from a man who only recognized rubies, sapphires and emeralds just a few years ago! :giggle:

Oops I actually really like the design, it makes a change to see something a bit different. The colour is very strong and absolutely gorgeous, I assume you're keeping it? :spider:
I agree with Nessarose (whoever she is :giggle:) I really like the design too ..... one of these days I'll stop playing safe with simple little solitaires. The colour of the apatite is amazing and "electric" is absolutely the right word. Will you have to have it resized before you can show it off on your hand?
Thanks all for your feedback. Yes, I am going to keep it NR because the gemstones are so mesmerizing. I won't be wearing it to the palace but it'll do for everyday! :giggle:

I know what you mean Fluff - I keep buying the simple solitaires, so I'm trying to develop my wild side and branch out into new designs! Tbh, the choice was pretty limited in the range and I liked this one the best of all. It fits my middle finger and although I prefer to wear rings on my ring finger, I don't think I'll bother to have it resized. I'd have done a hand shot, but we've been building a rockery and my hands aren't worthy! P.S. Anyone know how to stop those pesky birds from eating my newly planted flowers? The little blighters. :lolwave: M xx
Superb clouring.......

Most impressed with your new purchase Oopsie. Somehow having a cluster of smaller stones gives it much more impact....than perhaps being just a solitaire. The colours in both pics are stupendous and I'm liking the new 'wild' you!

Did they say if these are enhanced are not?

Just a thought.......better not wear it whilst you're gardening though! xx

WOW! What a gorgeous colour!

I've seen R&C show some near-colourless apatite (to go with their near-colourless Paraiba tourmaline and aquamarine, presumably) but this is something else. Lovely!
Sacha - They're just heated and I can live with that. Only green diamonds for the gardening dahling - hard wearing and a perfect match for my gardening gloves! :D

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