Named baby after Beth Terrell!!!!


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Jun 24, 2008
In the 1-2am hour last night a t caller told Sara that her grandson had just been born that evening and as a tribute to Beth Terrell, whose clothing range she adores, they were going to name the poor child Daniel James Terrell :eekhair: :eekhair: :eekhair:

She assured Sara that she was perfectly sober. After she'd gone Sara made some remark along the lines of 'how lovely but thank goodness it wasn't Dennis Basso'!

Well I think this is a great idea and as I am expecting twins (not) and as a tribute to QVC I think I will name them after QVC's fantastic fashion range. :manic:

I was thinking of maybe Markon for a boy, or maybe Birkenstock (we could call him Birk for short). Any other ideas or girl's names?
What a great idea for a thread:32:

I was actually expecting you to say that the baby was a girl called Beth (which I think is a lovely name) but a boy called Terrell...........confused

Think I'll call my imaginary unborn offspring Kipling (should suit either a boy or a girl dontcha think)
OMG! I thought it was bad enough when someone emailed IW once thanking for for 'dressing the nation so beautifully'.

Let's hope no-one decides to lumber their offspring with Quacker or Casual (&co).
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Dale was presenting once and mentioned a baby who was named Diamonique.

I also remember someone calling in during a Suarti show, and once again the baby was called (you guessed it.) Suarti couldn't believe her luck and immediately offered to send a prezzy.
My daughter Liz and my eldest son Earle love other son Buccleugh however is a lost cause :52:

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