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Mar 28, 2009
Wirral/Cheshire border
Can you name one product that QVC introduced to you and now you could not do without ?

Mine is Yankee candles !, OK so I dont buy them any more from QVC but I am grateful for "the introduction". :flower:
mine has to be ojon tawaka shampoo and conditioner and Liz Earle products. Couldn't be without either of these now.
ooops, i just realised you said one product.
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It would be L'Occitane for me.. Though it has introduced me to other ranges like LE & YC (& Charlie Bears, lol) :sun:
The only two products from QVC that I could not live without are LE C&P and Elemis PCMC.
Arnica gel and grip to me hangers. I didn't buy the hangers from QVC but my wardrobes are now an absolute dream and I've found so many things that I have never worn, I can look quite respectable now even if I am only walking the dog!!
really couldn't do without Liz Earle(everything), MOP(Pear and Mixed greens), Philosophy (Inner grace), L'Occitane (Shea gel, body lotion, hand cream), Carole Hochman.
Would miss Indigo Moon, craft stuff, Grip to me hangers, Golden oil and It Works pads. I too am a Yankee fan but have never bought from QVC
I would say Liz Earle and Elemis products are the ones I would really miss. But I am also thankful to QVC (and this forum) for introducing me to a whole host of different brands, and generally for taking better care of my skin and taking the time to pamper myself a little (so my daily shower is now a little daily treat rather than a purely instrumental exercise). :flower:
My memory foam mattress topper, don't know how I ever got any sleep before it arrived. Gatineau Floricil eye makeup remover. Laura Geller Balance 'n Brighten. L'Occitane Shea Butter Handcream/Decleor Handcream - can't decide which I love the best.
A'kin Rose & Geranium cleanser- even nicer than CnP but way cheaper and lasts waaay longer. Result!
All the Ls

Thanks to QVC, I would now not be without l'ocitane shower gels (a real every day luxury), Laura Geller BNB, Liz Earle C&P, skin repair moisturiser, super balm, facial oil etc...

I also love my NN feather topper and heavyweight flannel bedding, and my rebounder!
I have to name more than one I'm afraid. Prostrong chip skip together with avoplex oil, now my long nails don't break. Arnica gel, gatineau 3D lift for my mum, LE for me, OPI, Leighton Denny, Nails Inc, Laura Geller blush and brighten, Laura Geller mascara and glorious diamonique.
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