Nails Inc TSV arrived


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Jun 24, 2008
A nice suprise when I got home, and pretty quick delivery from Thursday.
I didn't get the previous Nails Inc TSV and so regretted it, but this is lovely. I am a big fan of the caviar base and top coat, and the colours are beautifully shiney and rich, I had to rush and put Eaton Mews on my toes - a sparkly raspberry jam colour.
I agree that if some of the colours have been repeated from the previous TSV then it would be disappointing, but I am delighted, my only gripe is that the caviar oil, has a rather odd delivery system, it is a dropper which is depressed from the lid, but I didn't realise that until I had practically demolished the bottle trying to work it out. All in all I am very pleased.
Mine too!! On the whole i like the collection of colours - especially the base and top coats which i have never tried before. Brompton Place, the first colour i have tried on is really gloopy! Remains to be seen whether the others will be the same or if i have just got a dud one. Let me know what everyone else thinks.
Mine came yesterday, my daughter and I have bought each other one for Christmas. The box is sealed in sellophane so we decided we wouldn't look but I've got them here and it's soooo tempting!!!!!

I'm going to resist though, Glamour magazine comes out tomorrow with the free Nails Inc polish so I'm going on a hunt for all 4 colours!! :jump:
Starlight,is the Glamour mag the December edition?
I saw the mag in Tesco this evening,Nov edition with a free book :6:
Yes it's the December edition with Leona Lewis on the front and it's out today (Thursday) :star:
Collected mine from the PO this morning, they tried to deliver yesterday afternoon.
Now I have to decide which ones are going on my toes first eaton mews or dover street market or will it be picadilly from the magazine - decisions decisions :D
Got mine at 10.30 this morning. Now I'm off to see if I can get the Glamour magazine.
Received mine yesterday. Love the colours but not keen on the oil bottle so have emptied it into OPI bottle!
Dissapointed with the my TSV,bought it for my daughter but 1 bottle has leaked slightly ito the box and a couple of the darker colours seem really thick and gloopy-am going to ring CS tomorrow and get it returned.
Hi all
Mine arrived yesterday. I have not tried Nails Inc before so I wasted no time trying the taupe on my fingernails. Not that mad about the other colours. Either too girly pink or very strong! I like the strong colours though for my tooties though
Anyway I am impressed. You have to work quickly with nail polish or it goes on unevenly. I figure it is because it dries so quickly. Great for me as I am guilty of smudging my polish most days.
I am cheesed off about the leaking bottle of oil though. I wrestled the top off and the rubber bung bit came off too. Any tips on how to stuff it back it in would be much appreciated?. I suspect I will have to do some decanting.
Just tried the caviar cuticle oil and what a cr*p delivery system, I took the white lid off and ended up with the rubber stopper still in the bottle so took it out, used the oil and now I cant get the lid to go back in the bottle :( looks like I have the same problem as you shushkin

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