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Jun 24, 2008
Has there been a thread about the N-Virosphere essences please? I bought 2 Orange ones last week and they arrived today. The consistency is like cloudy water and there is only a trace of fragrance. I bought an N-Virosphere lime one ages ago and it's really thick and has a very strong fragrance. Have IW been messing around with the essences? These new ones are useless.
Don't know if this is of interest, but I recently found a company with similar products in a local shopping mall on a temporary basis - they also have a website. Their essences are £11.05 each for 200ml + £2.99 P&p (IW £9.99 for 180ml + £3.90 P&P) and they have a super range of items, including mini units.Am I allowed to name it?
Last time i looked Relax Rest And Play had some original Goodie essence and their delivery is superb.I remember on the old forum people didn't like the N Voldersphere essences.
No i missed that,i had to buy an air freshner for something i had in my car once so i would have been interested.

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