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Have another basket today and than thats me done for a while!:rolleyes:
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Gorgeous stuff bargainhunter. I'm rapidly running out of adjectives!:eek:
I have lots of item on my wish list Blueshowbizz but after todays basket I will be taking a break! My CC needs to recover :D
I was going to buy 3 items today but ended up with 6! One of the items was the peacock pear necklace (same as AnneC) that I needed to check out from yesterday! So I blame Anne for this basket :rolleyes::D and it would be rude not to take advantage of 1 p&p :eek:
Lovely items BH, well done! I especially love those amethyst earrings, they look completely stunning (and very expensive) in the ear. Also some lovely rings there!
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Lovely haul BH as usual, I hadn't realised how substantial those amethyst earrings were - suits you !!!
How lovely BH, they look fab!
Surprisingly, my absolute favourite is the turquoise necklace - I'm not usually a big fan of turquoise and wasn't tempted to bid on it. I wish I had now I've seen it on you, it's absolutely amazing.
Enjoy your goodies hun, Steve has spoiled you!
wonderful BH, I love the second and fourth rings, they all suit you as usual though gggrrrrrrr :D

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