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Jun 27, 2008

I've submitted a review on QVC, a glowing review and it's gone on the wrong item. I'm not saying what it is as I feel such a pratt, though my username is the same so if you read it, YES t'was me. It could be my fault and probably was but I think it's daft of QVC to actually proof read it, pass it when it's obviously the wrong item. Thinking about it, I have seen similar mistakes on other items, do they do it as a joke because I've [correctly] reviewed other items and they haven't been passed.
Oh dear honey! :eek:

Maybe you could let them know and they might be able to sort it?

One of mine isn't anywhere! It's in my "Contribution" but not on the item.

And one of mine was put up and then taken off after about two weeks. I can only imagine that Sarah Chapman complained to QVC about it. (I mentiond that the product in question contained mineral oil, PEGs and silicones.)

You know I'm going to go looking for yours now! :D Want to give us a tiny clue?:flower:
Don't worry, Catherine was showing a 37 inch plasma TV and read out a review, half way through she realised that the review was for the 40inch version placed in the wrong place, the Q won't notice yours.

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