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Jun 24, 2008
These are what I've bought over the last couple of weeks:-
These are really nice although the pic does them no justice at all. They are a lovely rusty chocolate colour and good quality.
Very substantial and much much nicer IRL.
My Breakpoint! Again pic does it no justice.
Great value and will go with several of my pearl rings and necklaces/pendants
Believe it or not due to the rubbish picture again, this is an absolute stunner. The stones are dazzling and a great price at only £69
A real sparkler this one. Lovely colour of ice blue.
Haven't received this one yet but bought it to go with a ring hubby bought me.
Got this for £1 just about an hour ago! She said the next item would be £1 so I just jumped in before it plunged. Only 4 so I was very lucky!
A wee cheapy since I've paid for postage on my £1 pendant!

So that's is for now but still watching!
Well done on your purchases Klosblue :) I saw the multi gem ring and it looked really good on the tv, you are right the pictures don't do any justice to the jewellery.
What a great haul, glad you are happy with your purchases :). Did you pay one P&P for purchases made within 24 hours? I'm not sure if that still applies...I have a phone order made this morning so I may add to it if there is still one P&P.
I bought them all online Huggles because you do get the one postage there but I didn't know they did it on the phone now. The last time I bought by phone I got charged delivery per item!
Wow some lovely pieces there Klos! Like the breakpoint one - love to be that lucky! Enjoy them all !:D
Blimey Klos what a belting bunch of goodies, well done!!

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