My new purchases from Gemstv


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Only two of the links worked Julie, but the earrings are really pretty, and the jewellery boxes are really great.

All beautiful Julie - I love the earrings. I have a few boxes too they are good aren't they.
I do like the silver rings Julie, have recently started wearing silver myself, nice to have real gemstones in silver jewellery now.

I think your Mum will be really pleased with her pressies!!!

Great buys Julie. Like M4G, I've just started to wear silver and gemstones and I love the look. The Aquamarine is a beautiful cut and that ring box is a great idea.
Lovely choices, Julie..... lucky Mum, I reckon!!
I think these silver rings with these pretty stones in, which are not often seen set in silver, are super.
Great choices Julie :) The rings will be beautiful presents and the earrings look lovely.
I got a Santa Maria Aquamarine last year for my mum's Christmas present Julie, and it's really beautiful! And those pearl & marcasite earrings are gorgeous :1:

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