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Jun 24, 2008
Hi as promised some pics of my new bling ,Tony managed to help me to find a beautiful Kunzite it's 16cts and a pear shape. Iv'e just been and collected it and i loveeeee it, it's so sparklyand pretty ,i have had a fairly simple yellow gold surround as i didn't want anything to detract from the Kunzite.Plus i had apretty little opal loose gem spare and they go lovely together's so worth doing i'd reccomend to everyone......


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Marie thanks for sharing your pics with us what a beautiful kunzite you have there the colour looks divine and as you say a nice simple setting does it justice and very clever adding the opal for a little contrast and interest so glad your pleased with the results I think its stunning.
Marie, it's stunning. I love the setting as it just shows off that gorgeous stone. Health to wear. :)
Oooooooooohhhh, I absolutely love that pedant. You lucky, lucky person!
If you ever get tired of it, Mariek (which I'd seriously doubt)...I'd give it a good home. I really wish the gem channels would set more of their stones with opal and be a bit more imaginative. Something as simple and original as this one would be my preference.
Wow!!! How beautiful! I bet it looks stunning on you. The setting is perfect and the opal is a lovely touch.
Ooh, Scorps! Very, very nice indeed! I love the contrast of the opal - excellent idea. Enjoy wearing it!
Hi marie, that looks stunning congrats cant wait to talk to the jeweller now to see what can be done with mine. Enjoy wearing it and well done again.
just thought id put up a pic of me wearing it ......


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OH WOW Scorpio that is just amazing. I saw you say you had just picked up a pendant you'd had made - how fantastic. Did you have it sent in 18k or 9k gold?? Don't say the price but would you say it was fairly expensive to have it done - also was it a - calibrated size?? Sorry so many questions, got several gems I want to have set too.
That's a real wowser Scorps, and must be even more enjoyable having had some input into its creation. xxx
hi and thanks ..yes Argey i enjoyed deciding wat to have nearly drove the chap bonkers with it but hey ho ,hes a great chap.
Dingbat it was 16carats and is 20 x13 and its set in 9ct yellow gold i just love it... i think i might have aproblem tho cuz now i WANT more!!!!!
p.s Dingbat it was very reasonable i thought i got plenty of change back ......
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