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Jun 24, 2008
Following the negative comments last nite, I thought i would post some pics of my recent buys from rocks. I am now totally adicted, apologies for the piccies its my first attempt at posting them

The first is a 10 carat garnet ring set in sterling silver, this was such a bargain and is definately weighty

The second is white topaz and white gold, very sparkly and girly.

The third is the mystic topaz bargain from the first night. The colours are amazying though you cant tell from the piccy.

The last is half a carat peridot, peridot is my birthstone so i thought id spoil myself lol

Will try and work out how to post better piccies but hope these will do for now

See you tonight



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All lovely Bex. I thought that white topaz ring was particularly nice when I saw it on air.
Hi Bex

Your pictures are great - I love to see how the jewellery looks when it is worn and pictured by ourselves. You have chosen some lovely rings, enjoy wearing them :cheer:
Thanks for your lovely comments guys,
you're so right pepsi, the two topaz's are gorge, i have just checked out another soilitaire white topaz, just dont tell the oh lol:D and if john manages to get it here by tomorrow,he'll be at work when its delivered anyways lol:p
Lol pepsi its shiny and the rest of the ring is sandblasted, its a simple design but so effective, really draws your attention to the gem, but i have to say the garnet is also stunning;)
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Hi Rebecca

Great choice! I have the first one but in peridot. I didn't actually realise the size as bought it on impulse not actually watching the presentation. I don't know about you but I got the shock of my life when I opened the box - it's HUGE!!

As for the pics - what do you mean "apologies for the pics it's my first attempt"? They're great! I can't even get them into the camera never mind out and on here!! Well done you.
Thanks klos and daz, i know what you mean klos, i couldnt believe the size of it,ooh i didnt know they did the design using other gems shall have to keep a look out for it :D
Some great pieces you have there,rebecca.....the MT ring I also have and agree that it's fab but my favourite has the be the white topaz.....looks very expensive and very sparkly.:)

I'll have to keep an eye out for something like that to match with a white topaz pendant I bought,it too is very sparkly,in fact I've been bown away by the quality of the topaz rocks brings to us.

stunning rings i have the mystic topaz ring as well its is lovely isnt it? your pics are brill i am still learnin all the techno stuff you need to do them, mine look like ive done them on one leg with eyes shut and where i live is always foggy so 10/10 for you:)
Lovely pieces Bex, I have your Garnet ring in Peridot and Amethyst..lovely "bling thing" rings! I havent got any Mystic Topaz, but yours look lovely..may have to keep an eye out for some for myself.:)
Great rings Rebecca! Piccs are fine, I haven't even worked out how to do an avatar yet!:confused: Love all those rings but like the look of the white topaz especially! :)

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