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Jun 24, 2008
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i have just noticed this new option of tracking items from the website for when they will appear on the TV.

when did this start? i am not sure how it works... prolly an email but it will save missing out on a lot of things
I put a watch on a pendant this morning and I just received this email:

Dear Mrs ...

Were you watching? Did you snatch it?
This was sold on TV at lower than your target price!
Keep watching - it might be sold again in another game. If it's scheduled to be sold through our web games, we'll email you and let you know.


Game was at 08 Feb 09 16:27 Your target price: £142.13 Click here to change it.

Remember, you can view all the items you're tracking, change your target prices, or remove items you're no longer interested in, on My Gems.To add a new item to My Gems, go to the product details for the piece you like and click on 'Add to My Gems'.

Kind Regards,
The Gems TV Team.

I thought I would get an email telling me when it would be on air, but obviously not. It's a bit disappointing as I thought the idea was a good one.
oh thats not right. you should get the mail before hand otherwise what is the point.

i put a couple of things on the my gems to try it out. i didnt get a mail telling me one was going to be auctioned live but i did get one saying that one of the items was going on to the web auctions at a lower price and i did get it... as to whether or not it will make its way home to me is another matter all together lol

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