My Crazy Purchase Came Today


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Jul 18, 2008
.........And I love it! :whoohoo:

It was supposed to come yesterday :hump:, but was worth the wait as it sparkles beautifully, even though the diamonds are small. The colour of the Tanzanite is superb. It may not be the biggest but my search was always about the design of this ring.

Miles too big on wedding finger of course, but I can't take pics left handed.


Sooooo pleased you love it, Lynda.

Wish I could see the pics tho!
Glad its arrived safely Lynda and that you love it. All we need now are the pics so we can all have a drool.......:D
Can see it now Linda and no wonder you're a very happy bunny!!

It's a beauty!

(Grrr can't get my Photobucket smilies to work)
Just beeeeyoooooootifull Lynda - lovely colour Tanzy and design.

Now I'm ..........

Wow Lynda that tanzy ring is really, really lovely such a lush colour well done on your purchase
Fantastic! Bet you're glad it's the right one lol!

Not 'arf!!!!!!

I was pooping my pants I hadn't described it properly to the lovely lady who found it, or that there were two or more similar designs, but all the credit goes to her for finding it. Then there was the delay in dispatch, then it didn't arrive yesterday as I was told, so I'd almost given up hope....... Now it's here I'm delighted it looks exactly as it does on R&C's website. I'll definitely buy from them again. :clap:

Thank you all for your lovely comments, they are very much appreciated. :thanks:

This really has to be the last ever piece of Tanzanite I buy - although a nice AAA Tanzanian Ruby has caught my eye, oddly enough it's disappeared from the website, but maybe if I describe it to the nice people................... :whistle: :scarper:

Nah, 'tis ok R&C, I've got the item number but I've run out of pennies! :hide:
Corrrrrrrrrrr so THAT's the little ring you mentioned about to me!

what a fab design. hope you get lots of pleasure from it and it makes you feel all warm and cosy inside when you look at it years down the line.
That really is a very nice ring! Absolutely love the design ... glad it's turned out to be all you hoped it would be!

Really really pretty
I'm so pleased this ring was just what you were looking for Lynda. Gorgeous colour and very feminine design. I love it. :love: I'm sure you'll get lots of enjoyment out of wearing it for years to come.

Is this really the last Tanzanite? :whistlingsmilie: :D

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