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Aug 25, 2008

Very recently my Nanna passed away leaving me a small inheritence. I decided to purchase a keepsake in the form of a special ring. I think she would have loved the one I chose as much as I do. Its truly stunning amazing quality yet again thanks Rocks



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That's a lovely way to remember your Nanna, Wibbly. The emeralds look very clear and I wish you health to wear it.
Lovely clear picture of a very pretty ring Wibblypig. A perfect way to remember your Nanna by, it looks lovely on your finger.
What a lovely idea, i am sure your nanna would love it too. its a gorgeous ring and the stones look great in the pic
That is a stunning ring and the perfect way ro remember someone you loved so dearly and who loved you too.

Absolutely perfect.

What a lovely ring Wibbles. Every time you admire it on your hand, you'll have a lovely memory of your nanna. I feel sure she would have loved the ring too and would be really pleased that this is what you chose to do with the money she left you. Enjoy wearing it x
sorry on your loss wibbly but i am so glad you picked a ring that is happy looking. remember when you look at it it will smile back at you with happy memories of you nann enjoy your bling.x

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