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Has anyone had any of these products ?
I keep reading about the Pandora bracelets and had my eye on some Gypsy earrings today. This Italian woman who flogs it looks a bit rough to me !
Has anyone purchased any of this brand ? Also, have you ever tried any Glitter gold ?
I've not tried any yet, though it always looks pretty. I ordered the Breast Cancer Care heart the other night so I'll see what it's like in real life.
I have a necklace, but it is so expensive. What are pandora braclets?
I have a charm bracelet that I was given as a child but these Pandora ones are so sweet. I keep seeing them on Ebay and they are like a single strand of silver or gold on which you add little beads of your own choice. They are separated with gold or silver beads and you just add to them and pop a bead of your choice on them. Some are from China on E bay and im not sure as i have never bought anything on Ebay from China.
i have one of their rings, birdie and i love looks great and it's very comfortable.

Oh that's good to know Mrs James. I must admit I wasn't too sure about it from the comfort point of view, but took a chance. I've gone for the lighter liliac/gold option.

I love chunky rings - am tempted by one of the Honora ones next, but must control my spending! :11:
this is the one i have;
Oh that's lovely. I actually noticed that one on the website after I bought mine (which was on air at the time) and probably prefer that one!

If I like the one I've ordered I might be tempted to buy that one too!

Oh it's a slippery slope....!!
Oh and my ring has just turned up. It's gorgeous and a beautiful fit.

But I was amazed at the box. One tiny ring...rattling about in a box measuring about 8 x 8 inches!! :33:
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