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I've found a scandal...

Published Date: 30 April 2008
BARBADOS was the exotic location for the wedding of Susie Claire Dyson Perry and Byron Thomas Eastick.
Susie is the only daughter of Andrew and Mairi Perry, of Skegness, and Byron is the son of Brian Eastick, of Sausthorpe, and Geoff and Moira Clutton, of Wrangle

Was it a Moira C sandwich?......Is Byron the produce of an insemination?.....was a Scarflace/it'sacraprap involved?...did it happen in the windmill?....all these questions and more!:33:

Moira Clutton, of Wrangle(r) - something was definitely going on that night :54:
You missed me didn't you? :10:

You and the word senses in the same sentence is akin to one with Moira and fashion oxymoron if ever there was one :giggle:
and that's just your chest ;)

And chin, don't forget all that menopausal hair on her chinny chin, chin :giggle:


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