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Jun 24, 2008
Church of Schumacher, recruiting again!
I've been having a lovely morning thanks to Gems and my CC company - not sure which is to blame, but I've just about had enough.
I filled my first basket of the year this last week, and had a load of lovely goodies ready to check out. Had to do it by this morning, so I tried to do it last night.
First attempt - message back saying Gems could not process payment.
Second attempt - message back saying same
Third, fourth, fifth attempts - same again.
Gave up and decided there was obviously a problem somewhere, figured I'd do it this morning when I got into the office, there should still be time.
This morning I get a call from my CC saying they're worried that the various attempts on the same payment might be fraudulent. I assure them it was me, and they tell me that they have authorised BOTH of the first payments, blocking the other three as possibly dodgy. I should contact Gems and let them know they've taken the money twice and can they cancel one please.
All well and good, I do that - and get a really stroppy sounding CS person telling me it's nothing to do with Gems and the payment has not been taken. On the website, my basket is still full.
After a bit of an argument, and checking with her manager, CS person agrees that she will put the order through manually again, so I don't lose all my goodies. They can't just freeze the basket till the issues are sorted. I have to email her the details of what's in my basket. Of course, they'll have to take another payment.
So I email the details, next thing I hear is that they're out of stock on SIX of the items, presumably because they're allocated to me!!! So I have to delete them from my web basket so they can TRY to pick them up for me later. This takes me down below the free p&p limit, and means that all the things I really wanted are gone, pending them managing to get them back.
I have spent about 2 hours on the phone to both Gems and my CC company, with both lots claiming the other have the money. I'm sick as a parrot about losing the rings I really wanted too. And my CC is looking maxed out with three lots of payments going through. Fortunately, it looks as though they're going to raise my credit limit to sort me out in the short term.
Maybe I shouldn't have come back to Gems, I haven't had any aggravation in all my dealings with RocksTV.
What a sh1tty start to the week. I thought bling buying was meant to be fun...
Oh Anne, what a farce. Time was you'd ring CS, and they couldn't do enough for you. It seems they've really lost the plot big time. All I've bought this year from them were a pair or rhodolite garnet earrings in January, and recently a big wooden jewellery box and some black and white pearls for my Mum. I used to order something at least every month, (if not more), but things really aren't the same any more, and since Steve left, there's no personal point of contact for us, which has made a huge difference.

I have to add that although the CS lady was very stroppy when I first spoke to her, she's sorted out my order now and found all my missing goodies with very good grace. Fingers crossed that everything turns up on Thursday.
Also, my CC company have given me a credit extension so that there's enough to cover my outgoings over the next week. Apparently, as long as Gems don't try to claim those two payments on top of the third one, the pending amounts will cancel automatically in a week.
Anyway, there's nothing more to be done except wait and see what happens, fingers crossed for a happy ending - this bling better be nice!!!
Ooh what a palava!!!

Did 'you know what' work,Anne?

I just hope that all this messing around is eventually worth it!

I,too,slipped off the Gems train and received an order this week......5 items.

3 are definitely going back and I'm still considering the other 2....think I may keep 'em......we'll see!

Can't see me dipping my toe much though.........Rocks quality is better as far as I am concerned,the CS blows everyone out of the water,the designs are nicer etc etc.

Gems just have a better range of stones I suppose,but they need to do much more.........prices are improving,in fairness,but yet again it looks like us web players are being frozen out for another week!!!:2:

Keep doing that Gems and you will definitely lose me forever!!
Oh Anne this is awful so sorry you are experiencing these problems, I wonder if the lady you spoke to was the same lady I spoke to last week as was quite stroppy with me also when I queried why on a faulty return why I hadn't received refund for postage even though obtain a returns number and they agreed item was faulty??? Customer services at gemstv is really poor (depending on who you speak to and if you can get through!) at the moment not ordering much at all now as worried if there is a problem how it will be dealt with. Really hope this gets sorted out for you soon and know it's so annoying and worrying.
Oh Anne what a nightmare!! I hope everything gets sorted out for you and when you get your order I hope you're happy with the goodies. I will never buy from Gems TV again. This is for various reasons - phone bidders only, taking items won fairly and squarely out of people's baskets etc. but the main reason is that I had to return the last 3 items I bought because they were only fit for a Lucky Bag!!

Rocks & Co is the only one for me now - fab pieces and great prices and with John Scott there now I get a brilliant laugh into the bargain!!
what a disaster, it's really not good enough is it?

I agree with Klos, I'm never buying from Gems again either - CS problems on my last purchase was the final straw, it's just not worth the stress.

Hope it all gets sorted x
what a shame Anne and what a hassle for you. I hope that basket of yours proves worth all the effort and isnt still jinxed.

I tried contacting CS tonight to sort out a logging on issue and the automated service said there was a 10 minute wait to be answered so would I mind ringing back later. Worse than BT who atleast give you a callback these days!
I hope you get it all sorted Anne and get your goodies too. What a palaver!

I really think someone needs to have a good look at the website and read the comments here :hump: Yesterday the positioning of things on the page was all over the place and again I will say (I posted this weeks ago) as for TANZINITE (sic) there is no such stone :tantrum: But that's what all the Majestic Tanzanite is listed under! :hyper:

Is there no-one checking these things?
hope it all gets sorted for you hun, i for one have defintely left the gemstv wagon and am now happily bouncing off the rocks and co one x:52:
What a lot of hassle! Buying jewellery is supposed to be fun. Fingers crossed it's all sorted out now and you'll love your bling when it arrives Anne. Look forward to seeing the pics. M xx

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