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Nov 21, 2008
Just thought I'd say that the Decleor TSV and Cleansing Water I ordered on Sunday arrived yesterday. 3 days is pretty good, one came courier and one came Royal Mail. Just wish there was more consistency.
I find that Parcelnet are always alot quicker then RM, ordered TSV on sunday and it came yesterday.

It must be the luck of the draw because I've often waited the full 7 working days for parcelnet deliveries and Royal Mail.
Yes I got an Ojon package yesterday. I called on Sunday and found out I wasn't on the AD thing I was supposed to be on ... so they've put me on it now and sent me the parcel early (which probably means I will have to remember to call them every few months to remind them to send it!).
Parcelnet are much quicker for me than RM. I know my courier well and she is one who as soon as items come to her she gets them out to people the same day, she has always worked like this.

She can't have received my Decleor TSV yet as she didn't come today, hopefully tomorrow. :)

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