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Jun 24, 2008
Oh dear this is becoming a habit just now!!

I couldn't believe my eyes today when I saw this ring for £39!! Green Tourmaline usually costs loads more than this!!

Quick as a flash I got in in my basket as the on screen details disappeared as they sold out in literally seconds! I immediately went to checkout, put my card details in and pressed "submit order" only to find myself back on the main page with no order confirmation! Oh no, I thought, I bet it was a mistake putting it on at that price!
I went back to my basket but it was empty so I phoned CS and explained the situation. The lady I spoke with checked to see if the order had gone through but it hadn't. I didn't even have the item code so she said she would get it and if I could call back in about an hour she would put the order through for me.

Being an impatient moo and thinking I may miss out, I emailed the studio and explained the situation and asked if they could give me the item code. Within a few minutes they sent me the code, so I phoned CS back again and got another lovely lady who again checked everything for me. However, when she went to put the order through it said there was no stock! I did a bit of frantic back button pushing and refreshing and managed to get my basket with the item still in it so tried to check out again but the same thing happened. We decided between us that perhaps there was one stuck in cyberspace in my basket somewhere so I was asked to call tomorrow when the baskets will have been cleared overnight.

I had a sinking feeling that I was going to miss out so had another couple of attempts at frantic keyboard pushing, found the screen with the ring in my basket again and tried to checkout. Lo and behold it went through and I got my confirmation on screen. A few minutes later I received the confirmation email - yippee! A short time after this, I received an email from TJC's Web Support Team, who had been contacted by the Studio upon receipt of my email. They confirmed that my order had now gone through and everything was fine.

I just want everyone to know that the Studio were fantastic, the CS ladies were very helpful and cheery and the Web Support Team were very kind to email me. Thank you very much and well done TJC! :Applause:

ps Please keep up the good work because if you don't and I've been singing your praises almost daily, I'm going to look and feel like a right numpty!!
Lol your post made me laugh! good on TJC i always find the people in the studio great when i email in, they can't do enough to help.
Well Klos, with me the jury is still out. After my email to Kevin Valentine bounced back I did as you suggested and forwarded it to [email protected], asking them to make sure he received it. I got an automated reply, so know they received it, but I haven't heard a word since then and as it's about a £50 refund, I'm getting a bit impatient.. not very good CS in my book I'm afraid, but maybe there's a legitimate reason.
Nice one KB.

Jacqualina - take a tip from me. Forget Kevin Valentine, it'll only lead to heartache. Get in touch with CS yourself (on the phone) if you want to get an answer to anything.
Nice one KB.

Jacqualina - take a tip from me. Forget Kevin Valentine, it'll only lead to heartache. Get in touch with CS yourself (on the phone) if you want to get an answer to anything.

I wish I could Meesh - I've now spent a total of over 28 minutes trying to get through and sorting this out. The email plan was my crafty solution, not looking quite so crafty now!
That's not good Jacqualina. I have to say I got through really quickly today. The first time I phoned it was around 12 and then again at about 12:20. I also emailed them a few weeks ago about something and got the shock of my life when they phoned me with the reply because it was easier than trying to explain in an email so I thought that was great CS too. I must be being lucky at the moment! Hope you get it sorted out soon, I can understand your frustration.
That's weird Klos, as I had the same problem recently. Hope TJC sort it out soon as I was trying for 2 days to add an item from the site to my basket but it wouldn't show up either. Got it in the end though lol!
Klosblue, I think I saw that ring on air this morning, or one very similar... I couldn't believe tourmaline at that price either! Please post a pic when it arrives.

I am happy with tjc at the moment and will remain so unless they do something to p*** me off! A couple of months ago, I returned a topaz pendant - it's the only thing I've ever returned, and only because I didn't like the setting, not because there was anything wrong with it - and I emailed them twice to see if it had arrived. They didn't reply, so I emailed again complaining that they hadn't replied. The next thing I knew, CS actually phoned me TWICE! First to reassure me the pendant had arrived, the second time to check if the £ had gone back into my account!

They seem to have made it easier to buy stuff, too... Last Mon I phoned to see if I could order a 'deal of the day' I'd missed out on the Friday, expecting to be told it would be a higher price... but no, they gave me the same price and it was ordered in 2 mins and arrived within 3 days. So they are in my good books at the moment!
i think TJC are extremely customer focused & helpful - it doesn't surprise me they went the extra mile for you :)

I have emailed the studio a few times when i missed out on an item or wanted to clarify some information & they are excellent.. they mention my requests on air within a few mins & if they can bring the item back & answer best they can.

I never had to return anything so far so cannot comment on that but i think their quality is pretty good even on the cheaper versions
I think you also get more gold than some of the other jewellery channels.

The people they use for resizing are good too.. they are usually quite fast & if they think the stones maybe affected by the size you choose the resizing people call you to advise...

they get my thumbs up!
This arrived this morning and I'd completely forgotten that I ordered it. It was only £15 but again, the quality is excellent:

Stones much prettier mauve than in the pic, sort of swirly amethyst. The silver isn't cut away as it looks - that's reflection - mine looks exactly the same from a certain angle but it's definitley solid! I think it's another misspelling and should be charoite - see here I've just read the stuff on this website and must say I feel purified already :)

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