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Jan 2, 2009
I had another delivery today with a mix of keepers, pressies pile and returns....

First the keepers and pressie pile items..

Black Onyx earrings - Lovely
Pearl and Marcasite earrings - So pretty
Spinel ring which is too small but I am going to get made bigger as I love it so much
Pearl and Howlite braclet - The pearls are amazing, this is such a pretty bracelet


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Amber pendant which is gawjuss :)

The Moonstone bracelet has gone back - I really didn't like the stones in it, I couldn't capture on photo why but it wasn't what I expected.

The Mabe ring is beautiful but unfortunately was broken so that has been returned and I have asked for a replacement.


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Love them all! Especially the pendant and the pearl bracelet. The moonstone bracelet looks really pretty too, but as you say, you have to see the jewellery in real life to know whether you love it!
More lovely goodies indeed! I really like the amber pendant....I have bought an amber bracelet for one of my daughters as an extra birthday present. It's their birthday tomorrow and I can't wait to see both their faces when they open all their little Rocks boxes! ( I've been squirrelling things away for ages for them!)

I also think the pearl bracelet is lovely, Shireen. Rocks pearls are great, aren't they?

What a shame about the moonstone bracelet though.

Enjoy wearing all your keepers! :1:
Wow Shireen. Love them all - shame about the moonstone bracelet. Rocks moonstone seem to be hit and miss. I have moonstone ring and pendant from qvc and its stunning!

Enjoy wearing them all x
Ooo, lovely Shireen!
Both those big rings have been to Pearly Towers, and I loved both of them too - shame they didn't suit me, they look fab on you.
That lovely green pearl bracelet should be with me tomorrow, yours looks fab so now I can't wait.
Have to admit I've also been tempted by those onyx earrings, but the garnet version. However, I suspect they're too short for me, I need massive dangles with my mane.
So sorry to hear your moonstone didn't hit the mark, never mind, refunds are fun to spend!
Enjoy your keepers, and I hope your pearly ring replacement is with you very soon.
Lovely selection Shireen- especially the pearl bracelet. I've never seen howlite before, but I do like the colour. Shame they can't all stay with you, but that's the way it goes sometimes.

Happy birthday to the mini-perditas. I love buying my two girls jewellery too, though thankfully mine came one at a time, not together. :)
Lovely collection Shireen...I've got the spinel ring - but on me it's bigger than all my others! (Means I can wear it on my left hand which for some reason has bigger knuckles than my right...)

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