More blockbusters this weekend.......


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Now how do we know what its going to be?

Well the fact its weekend is what gives it away:rolleyes:

And of course the usual stuff is being churned out yet again :24::24:
So excited:2:

Drill bits :33: now what could i use them for:34: and even more excitement to come:11:

They have more uses than you could ever imagine. They come in real handy when you cant decide what earrings to wear, just drill another hole and you can wear them all at once, no need to take the trouble to leave your home to go to the peircing studio.
Aaaaah....But how many drill bits?

I watched the last gardening POTD and couldn't believe how bad it was! I used to really like their gardening programmes but they had....and I kid you not, a whole hour selling 3 products! Grow your own potatoes in a bag, 4 fruit trees, a buy the POTD and the trees and get them in at a "deal" price, then a 3 more trees as a set. It went on.....and on....and on! Even the presenters began to look embarrassed after the 3rd time they went back to the POTD and still had about 40 mins to fill!

What the hell is going on at IW? If they didn't waste....I mean spend all their money on craft crap they might be able to afford a wider selection of items!!
If they took the time and trouble to read the comments here then they would get to know just what should be in their programmes

We do mock them, but the products , well I can't think just how to describe them.............

I still cannot understand the need for all the channels they have, and what happent to C&C, i looked online earlier and most of the programmes were the usual IW stuff...
Best thing about them they are guaranteed for 20 years!!!

Now who are they trying to kid - if you break one or blunt one just return and pay £3.95 p&P. Basically you are just paying to buy a new drill bit!

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