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Yes, this time I'm really going to show you my bits ..............


Oh no! It won't let me :( Tell you what? Wanna see some bling instead?

Unfortunately, today's haulage is brilliant! I was hoping to send some stuff back but ........ well, see what you think ........... £108

I was convinced these would be going back. However they're not! I love the 3 colour gold which makes them really versatile. I love the length. I love the diamonds and I love how they look! So basically, I love them! They were on the web and not in the clearance and the £108 is the forward bid price. Recommended! £48

I've seen this pendant knocking about for a while and just got it out of curiosity really (and the price was good)! Again, I thought this would be going back but it's not. The Morganite is the pink (rather than peach) variety) and the glitter from that and the Fire Beryls are stunning. Strangely, I think this looks like costume jewellery because it's so clear, don't you? The other surprise is that (doh!) it's a butterfly design. Had I noticed that on the web picture? No! I was too busy concentrating on the gemstones! Anyway, it's a keeper. £44.19

I think this was in the clearance and I actually bought it for the setting as I have another stone that would fit perfectly. Again, I thought the diamonds would be pants but they're not. They're actually sparkly and white! The Citrine is pretty and looks a burnt orange colour with flashes of yellow and red. It's not a colour I wear much but it'll be a nice gem to add to the loose gemstone collection. The only downside is that it's very lightweight but I guess you can't have everything! MissM, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how pretty this ring is.


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  • Morganite & Fire Beryl Pendant_1_1.JPG
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  • Mandarin Citrine Ring1.jpg
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Last thing in the haulage: £198.99

I had both this and a ruby version in my basket and I ummmed and aaahed about which one to go for. Again, I thought this would be going back because the diamonds would be pants but they're not. They're really not! They're very clean and clear which I wasn't prepared for. The Tanzanite on the other hand is incredibly pale. It looks darker in the photos for some reason.

I've decided to get the Ruby version and the black diamond version to arrive tomorrow so I can decide between the 3. Whilst I like the Tanzanite version, the two colours do merge. That might be a good thing when I've seen the others but I'm on the fence at the mo.

Sacha - the pink diamond version will be amazing I think. The goldweight is substantial but a tiny bit on the rough side (inside not outside). For the price, the carat weight of the gemstones and the gold weight, this ring is unbeatable for value I think. Let's reserve judgement until tomorrow and I'll need your help again I think!

Here are the other versions arriving tomorrow: £249.65 £325.22


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Another great haul i love the design of the Tanzanite and diamond ring would adore the pink diamond version has it ever been on air?
Think you may have a difficult decision tomorrow!
Wowsers Meesh..................loving your 'bits'!!!!!!:D

They are all stunning,the citrine ring looks especially stunning considering the price.

I think the ruby/diamond ring you are getting tomorrow is gonna be fab,I won't be hre to help you choose I'm afraid(like you really need MY input lol) but I think the contrast of colours with the style of ring will be stunning.The tanzy looks nice but,if I may say,a bit insipid.

Keeps those 'bits' piccies coming :cool2:
Another fab haul there Meesh, i love the earring but am a bit on the fence with the tanzy, i think the black and white daimond version will be fab, if the white daimonds are nice and sparkly cant wait to see them
With apologies for editing your quote....

Yes, this time I'm really going to show you my tits


Oh no! It won't let me

You bin trying to get into the 'adult' area of Photobucket again Meesh? mysmilie_1556

Yet another lovely haul, you lucky lady. How nice it is when there aren't any disappointments in the delivery........tho that can backfire if anyone was counting on a refund! :cash:

The earrings and butterfly pendant are new to me, but they look great in your pics, the pendant in particular, as from the link I couldn't really tell what it was.....except that the Morganite looked nice and pink.

Oh and yes I did see the Mandarin Citrine being sold on the telly, it looked lovely and if my pooter hadn't been switched off I may have gone for it myself. This depth of colour isn't seen too often, but the setting is particularly pretty, being completely enclosed by diamonds. Good price too!

And so on to the Tanzy...I think we kinda guessed they would be pale, but its good to hear that the diamonds are playing their part instead of being a disappointment as they so often are. I had one thought......on how to change them into pink diamonds......just shove them in a hot wash with something bright red! Would they come out pink.........or more likely just waterlogged! mysmilie_1456

Looking forward to seeing tomorra's least you are getting them.......unlike some of us. :sad:
I really love the mandarine citrine, it looks a gorgeous colour. What a great haul, I had my eye on the tanzanite ring (in emerald) but in the end went for an all diamond kiss ring, which turned out to be so much better than the photo.
M4G - and your photos are .......... ? C'mon Mrs, share!!!!!

Well, here's my update!

I decided to send back the Tanzy for 2 reasons (1) the Tanzies are too pale and (2) it would mean I'd have to be more careful with the ring than with some of the other stones it comes in. So, I may regret this but it's on it's way back to Gems.

My order for tomorrow is now coming on Friday because I had a few changes of mind!!! The Ruby version is still coming and so is this:

I've dumped the black diamond version because I realised I have an eternity ring I wear with black diamonds either side so it seemed like I'd just be replicating what I've already got - not sensible!

This is also coming so reviews will now be on Friday.

And as for you Sacha *slap hand* :giggle:
I've been trying to quash the feeling that I might like to buy some jewellery again and up to now it's worked, but I love, love, love that citrine ring and I'm peeved I didn't watch any of the clearance now :hump:

The crossover rings are a gorgeous design and very tempting, but I can understand why you've sent the Tanzanite one back, I really shouldn't look at your posts Meesh, but the temptation was just too much.......... :blush:

Love the pink diamond one you've just got in your other thread and the one you have coming too! :heart:

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