Moira C Luxury Velvet Devore Jacket


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J'adore Labrador
Jun 25, 2008
£99.99 :22:

How many times have you put together a stunning outfit, only to discover you don't have a beautiful jacket to slip over the top?
Well, those times will be a thing of the past if you take advantage of this special priced Moira C Luxury Devore Jacket.
In a sumptuous devore fabric, this jacket is cut to flatter any figure and will make any lady look and feel a million dollars.


Not my style but I do like her scarflaces which can look really nice and her devore shawls were quite nice. I have bought 2 in the celtic design.

A lot of fun is made here about the scarflaces but I get compliments when wearing them and even my daughters who laughed when I first ordered now admit that they do look nice.

In addition Moira C offers excellent after sales service and she is like a breath of fresh air on this mostly dreary channel. :1:
Super, smashing, lovely Bexi, but.......which Scarflace to wear with it? Recommendations please. :D
And will look fab with the Velutti bag AND you can shove the security pack up your armpit! Result ... :30::30:

Looks remarkably like those flouncy Dreamkeeper jackets they sell on QVC ...

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