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The pretty one with black hair is on and i havnt seen her in ages but she looks different to me ???:11:
more surgery?

she is gorgeous though, no denying. she's one of the old school. i like her.
She disappeared for a long time a few years back. Then when she reappeared she looked totally different, we on all said she had work done. Sounds like she has had more. Oh dear AY won't like that. She seems to have been a sun fan hence the wrinkles, she is always perma tanned looking.
I am not keen on Karen as I think she has a hard look about her, she also comes over as being rather supercilious to me.
I remember Ali Young saying that Karen had left to train as a beauty therapist a good while back.

Alison also used to banter with Karen about her 2 boys and her hubby, however not that long ago Karen was fuming after Alison had removed her eye make up as she said her new 'boyfriend' would be watching :laugh::laugh:

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