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Just wanted to let you know that I removed the tag from the tanzy pendant, wore it yesterday around the house to find that because of that clasp at the back it actually makes the pendant flip. Very very very annoying. It didn't do it when the tag was on because the tag stopped the flipping. On a ribbon or cord it might not do it but it certainly does on a chain. I'm going to turn mine into a ring now but just wanted to let you know in advance if you decide yours is a keeper!
Hi Meeshoo, I don't know what your pendant is like but I've found this before with Gems TV pendants. They don't stay straight but roll over onto the side. The pendants I've got are quite heavy and chunky with an integrated bale which goes down the back of the pendant. I think if they just put a normal sized ring at the top of a pendant to take the chain, it wouldn't happen. It is annoying and I'm a bit hesitant now when ordering pendants. I saw a nice white gold amethyst one yesterday in the Price Meltdown for only £39 but as as soon I saw it I thought "That's going to flip". I bet it does.
Thanks for the warning, Meesh... Luckily, I'm planning to wear it over knotted pearls, so it should be OK!
Greenie - Pendants always have a tendancy to flip - some more so than others but this one has an unusual clasp at the back which is causing it. Have a look a my thread with recent acquisitions and you'll see photos of it. It's not normally the size of the bale that causes this but the shape. Gems have a habit of using a sort of upside down tear drop shape that rolls. Flat bales normally sit straight on but this one is straight with a bit added on!!!

Edit: Posting at the same time as you MissM! You'll have no probs with the pearls! Enjoy!

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