Miracle Eyes TSV


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what a total load of old sh*t.

anyone wasting 20 quid on this load of rubbish must be bonkers.:33:
I'm normally a sucker for beauty products, but my immediate thoughts were that it was a load of rubbish - and then I saw the live before and after, which seemed to confirm my suspicions :52:
Think they should stick them on the models ar$e
and maybe the electric current would give a wide eyed look
of suprise.
Good for a before and after photo.
This must be one of the worst products I have ever seen on QVC it is complete and utter rubbish. They must think the viewers are so bluddy gullible. I felt sorry for the old model they had on she looked terrible both before and after, I hope she is getting well paid for allowing her face to be shown like that.
Surely they must have tested them on the model before planning to do a live demonstration? :what:

I was watching desperately trying to see a difference and in the end put it down to my tv being quite old, but then thought it was strange that Alison never actually pointed out any differences either. She just looked embarassed and kept referring to the before and after photographs (Before - eyes screwed up, After - eyes relaxed)!!

Wonder if they will continue to use the same model today? :6:
I thought they looked just like the gatineau eye thingy's. They are quite good and I find they are good for a night out as they do plump up the skin and make your eye look better for a short time. But I would only use them if they were in a tsv or so as they are quite expensive otherwise.

The before and after photos of these didn't look any different but I didn't see an actual demo as couldn't be bothered cos they looked crap.
I watched on Multiscreen this morning, before I went to work, to see what it was all about but it never got to the part where they took the pads off - or if they did, I missed it. I thought it was a bit strange that it was cut short :20:
doesnt this finally convince you that Alison Young is prepared to tell you any old crap in the name of a sale?
doesnt this finally convince you that Alison Young is prepared to tell you any old crap in the name of a sale?

That's exactly what I thought - all this holier than thou attitude about not being prepared to sell a product that she doesn't believe in - oh yeah! The po-faced old boot is there to sell product, just like the rest of them. :31:
I really think they need to get the beauty department in order - I really feel it is going down hill/down market atm. It is like a rudderless ship - just drifting and producing any old rubbish hoping we will be suckered in. I think, as a department, it did have some integrity once, but now they will sell us any old thing. Hopefully their viewers will be voting with their feet and not buying the carp they are showing us. Honestly, it's looking more and more like Ideal World.....

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