microplane disappeared!!


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Oct 27, 2008
hi there girls .....after all you lovely ladies persuaded me to go for it, I went ahead and bought the microplane foot file,which is great,cant believe how good my feet look and feel.!!.........anyway now I have come to write a review it seems to have disappeared from the website....very odd as this item had about 250 great reviews....anyone got any ideas??
have typed loads of things in but its just not coming up!!!:confused2:
it does disappear every now and then. you could reward us instead. :giggle:
When an item's out of stock, it does tend to disappear from sight.
Glad you found the file helpful, I'm still searching for the holy grail of foot doodahs...
I'm sure you have tried it Yo but diamancel gets good reviews. I love the microplane but then as my mother said as a rare compliment my feet look like they've never been used. Actually I'm sure she meant it as an insult but I often misunderstand to annoy her, I can be very juvenile :D
aaahhh thats probably what it is then if its out of stock I cant review it
glad I got mine then,thanks to everyone for the advice,my feet look fab!!

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