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Iliana .50ct diamond earrings. Yellow 18k gold with rhodium tipped claws. Screw backs. £349.

They're smaller than I thought they would be but they're pretty and sparkle nicely. They're definitely not dull in any way and hold up nicely to my TJC studs which have been appraised as E colour and VS1 (or VVS1 - can't remember which now)!

Please excuse my elephant ear lobes - I sooooooo want plastic surgery to make them smaller (and apparently you can do that now)!!!


  • Diamond Earrings .50ct Iliana Pair.jpg
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Very pretty, and nice to see the combination of the different cuts.
Oooh, as I said before, I REALLY REALLY like these.

Wish you well to wear them, Enjoy.
Lovely and they go really well with your studs.

I'm getting worried about you though. First it was a Turkey Neck now it's Elephant Ear lobes!! I've never been likened to any animals that I know of but my face and the back end of a bus have been mentioned in the same sentence!! :sad:
They look fab together Meesh. Don't know why you are worrying about your lobes cos they look perfectly okay to me. I have the opposite problem in that mine seem to be getting smaller with age :YIKES:, not enough lobe action going on (cheers Noush :D).....I have 3 piercings but they look too crowded now even with just two studs. :( :pPC:
I saw those presented and thought how nice they looked - so pleased they are just as gorgeous in real life. They sit very nicely with your studs, well done and enjoy wearing them! :clapping:
OOh they look gorgeous very pretty, nothing wrong with your lobes hun, i'd love to be able to wear two sets of diamond earrings in each ear xx

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