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Jun 24, 2008
in a world of my own
I did one for Rod so i thought id do one for Matt too lol. Personally ( if somewhat biased) i think Matt has done a fab job this afternoon even with a few slip ups hes done a grand job and looks at ease. So Matt from all here and in rocks chat welcome to rocks and well done. x
He seems like a lovely bloke and did a great job. And I bought the first item he auctioned!! :D
Yes, Calvin, you could say you 'popped' his Rocks cherry!!!! Lovely to see him back on screen, he was always a favourite of mine from GTV days.
Got to admit to having a bit of a soft spot for Matt :blush: ... love his wacky sense of humour too.
Hello all, I have a confession to make - the other day i read a posting on this forum site, and it was about the chat room - i was so intrigued about it all, that i actually decided to have look in on Rockstv auction site. And was pleasantly surprised to see Matt presenting. So I sat a while and had a nose about, and discovered how to turn the chat on, and i read all the chat, and noticed some familiar names!

There was some blooming good bargains on - that tanzanite charm, at that price - I kicked myself! i will be watching again - i liked the way Matt and the bloke he was with, kept mentioning people on the site, and talking to you all -I can understand why you go the on the site, very friendly all round xxxx
Matt was FAB this evening!!! We all knew he would be in fairness, but I guess it can be a little disorientating with the chat going constantly, and us lot expecting you to chat to us!! Lol!!!

A really great addition to Rocks (along with Rod of course!), and tomorrow we have Alan, then Matt, then the lovely Bazza...a day of bliss for those of us who love the calm!!
Welcome to Rockstv were absolutely brilliant on your first day..

Its always a pleasure to watch you present, it must seem like the good old
days again working with Steve, Sarah, Barry... you looked right at home Matt!
just as Rod did on his first day!

Keep smiling, you're doing great!

Mary xx aka (Mirabelle) in chat.
Hi Matt, welcome and congratulations. What an asset to rockstv you will be. I think you did really well yesterday, and I will really enjoy watching you again, and enjoying your dry sense of humour.

I do think that Matt and Alan will get on very well together and bounce off each other well.

Rockstv is certainly rocking. They now have a great 'maintenance crew' along with a great presenting side as well!!!!!!!!!

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