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Jun 29, 2008
I had been sitting on the fence for the longest time dithering whether to go for a matrix opal or not. What put me off was the lack of colour play on the TV, the fact that these opals aren't natural and have been treated to bring out the colour, and I'd have to pay postage to look at it in the first place, then again pay to return it if I didn't like it. In the end, when I heard the presenters say that they couldn't source anymore and this was the last of stock and Rocks & Co were the only UK suppliers...I decided to take the plunge. I adore opal, it is my favourite gem stone, bye the way. Well, I think I made the right decision and I won't be returning my sample. It has lovely green colour play similar to the blue sandstone that Lola Rose does, it also shows red, yellow and blue flashes in sunlight. It is much shinier than it appears on TV, which seems to make it look matt. I would highly recommend getting some, if like me, you like to collect opals of all kinds. To me, it was well worth the £57 plus postage that I paid for it. My photo's aren't very good at showing the colour play, unfortunately...but I hope they give people a better idea of what they are getting if they decide to go for it, too.
That looks very pretty Huggles. I adore opal too, unfortunately I don't have very much, but that's just a very good reason to buy more!
Huggles,that is a very pretty pendant and i am glad you are pleased with your matrix opal.

I also tried this stone,in a ring,but decided to send I back as I thought that it would be too delicate,ie scratch to easily,in a ring.I am a clumsy,waves her arms around kind of gal and could imagine it getting damaged which would have been heartbreaking.

I did a review for the folks on here and stated that in a pendant I think it would be worth getting and you seem to have borne that conclusion out.

Enjoy your lovely unusual piece:1:
What a lovely looking pendant Huggles. It's very interesting what you say about the Matrix Opal as I also though it was matt as it does look like that on tv. It's a nice size too and looks lovely around your neck. Enjoy wearing it.
Thank you for posting a pic Huggles. I've never been tempted before because they didn't look that impressive on screen. It's great to hear your pendant has a lot of colour play and I'm now thinking I'd better find one to add to my collection! It's a very pretty pendant and I think you now need some matching earrings to go with it! :lolwave:

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