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Jun 24, 2008
good old Manchester
:D Hello

I wonderd if anyone had tried this range?
I bought the 400ml cleanser and toner for sensitive kin as it works out the same price as the cheap cleanser I've been getting from boots ml for ml.
Any opinions gratefully received as always.
Thanks in advance
I bought the try me type kit which was about £20+ p&p. The Lily Exfoliator is fab, better than my previous fave which was Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel.

I also love the Ice Mask- I really notice a difference after using these products- nice to find products that do live up to the AY hype.(!)

Like some other posters I was a bit put out to find that the sizes in the kit had stickers over the print on the products saying 'Free Sample -Not For Sale'- and I did get a free Exfoliating Mask from QVC because of it.

Luckily I felt that the products were worth keeping as I did see results after using them.

I would say Mary Cohr is definitely worth a try:)
I tried a Mary Cohr hand cream a very long time ago and it was lovely, not too greasy but effective moisturisation for by poor flakey hands.

If I wasn't awash with cleansers I'd be quite tempted to try these.

Jude x
ooo thank you both. I had hand cream on my list and might go for the try me pack.

I think the discover kit is good sizes from a ml for ml value point of view and it is a range I could continue to purhcase without worrying. Mmmmm thanks again - its nice to get some good reviews
The Beauty Room stock Mary Cohr.Might be worth having a look in there for specials. I notice them when on looking at Gatineau. I have always wondered what it was like .Might give it a try now.
I bought a large size Floracil from The Beauty Room and got a free kit with it which contained some Mary Cohr cleanser & toner amongst other things. I thought they were very nice products. I believe TBR are on Quidco too ;)
Just noticed the Beauty Room stocks the MC hand cream reduced from £11 to £7 - I might treat myself my hands always get really dry this time of year.

Jude x

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