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Oct 27, 2008
Just wanted a little advice.
What size would you order in the hot pick today,the markon mary jane shoe?
Usually am a 6,but heard that these can be funny sizes,any advice much appreciated!
Thanks in advance!
Queenie I would go for the size 6 because I think the problem with the sizing has been sorted now. So I would order the size that you are. I have had shoes and boots recently and they have all been ok, as in I ordered the size I was. Hope this helps.
Mine came yesterday. I am somewhere between a 7 and an 8, due to weird, damaged foot bones. When it aired a few days ago they stated that if you were a half size then you should go down as these shoes were roomier. Instead of an 8 - which is a little too roomy on me, I went for the 7. I was a bit unsure and half expected to have to send them back but they fit fine!

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