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Not going for the one time only (especially as they just started saying go up a size - what a farce)

But have you seen the 135940 presentation of gold shoes with deep red tights on the model! :eek::eek:

Its like looking at white stilletos and dark brown tights.
markon boots and shoes do look like they are better quality than a couple of years ago. the leather looks better than the old stuff.mind you if i had £60 to spend on ankle boots i would be spending it in the sales on some high end brands to be honest.

i dont see clare sutton wearing markon. she has a black patent pair from russell and bromley i wont even start to say how mych they cost. at least julia roberts wears qvc stuff.
I bought these boots last year in black. Went up half a size, fabulous fit, wore them out. This year I bought them in the Cognac, again went up half a size. Can't get my feet into them because the space for the instep is very low - my instep isn't terribly high, just average, and it hurts to squeeze my foot past it. As the last pair were fairly tight to begin with I am hoping these will give with wear. I could do with them stretching a little. The sizing on Markon IS very variable. Even the presenter has to say "go up, go down, go to your true size" depending on which design they are featuring which is really quite ridiculous. With Clarks, for instance, you can just order your exact (inc. half) size and KNOW that it will fit.
I have these bots in Olive, I love them, they are a perfect fit in my normal size and really comfy. I'd have had another pair at this price for sure - but they have sold out of 7s :(
it is farcical that a brand has to tell you NOT to order your true absolute no-no for mail order. :33:

Totally agree Mrs James, it's bad enough that clothes sizes vary by make but shoes sizes should never deviate.
Markon OTO

I went for the OTO in olive. I'm usually a size 5 but ordered the 6 because of all the reviews about sizing. I have several pairs of Markon and never had a problem. Howeever, I find even with M&S, where the sizing used to be generous, I often have to go up a size - are they getting stingier with the materials or are my feet just spreading with age - on second thoughts, don't answer that.

BTW as a newbie I've been catching up on past posts on all subjects - you've all kept me very entertained, some of them are hilarious!!
i received the OTO today, and must say I am very happy
I promised myself never to buy Markon again after the sizing problems in the past, but I got sucked into the hype and ordered them
Ordered sz6 (am 5.5), I have narrow feet, and they fit perfectly, they are a tighter fit than the usual markon boots, which suits me better. They will not fit people with wider feet/calves.
I won't be buying anymore markons soon, as the boots have had huge price increases, and I can find similar deals on the HS now
Im sorry i missed these as ive had my eye on them for a while, wont and cant justify £40 :12:

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