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Jun 24, 2008
no TSV predictions then?

bet its some naff ornament with a candle stuck on it.

I do agree - sorry for those that love them - but they are just candles and even if they are smelly - they are not worth the dosh. Sorry. Hope you all love the tsv though.
baby powder associations......

not the worst tsv from yankee to be fair but baby powder reminds me of babies dirty nappies my nose is waiting for the offending smell to follow. also find the vitives tooooo small for fragrancing. love the tarts but my local 99p shop is selling oil burners for 99p and they burn the tarts i go online to buy my candles one supplier gives you free p&p if you spend £10 which is not that hard with yankee. but i am a fan i burn them nearly every day.
Why not give us a shade that would have fitted BOTH the jar candles ??.
It wouldn't have cost that much more what with QVC's buying power!!.
As it is this is one that I will not be buying.

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