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I very rarely watch any of the jewellery channels now but flicking between them the other day I landed on GemsTV just in time to see a bracelet being aired. I've been after a white gold diamond bracelet for a while and really liked the design of this one.

The stats are: .80ct of diamonds (I in colour and I1 in clarity), over 7g of gold and 7.75" in length.

In reality, the diamonds are much better than I thought they would be and better than the advertised grading! My feeling is that they're a mixture of G/H/I in colour and SI/I in clarity. The great thing is there isn't a grey dull one amongst them. I'm very impressed - and the best news? It was £199 less 10%.

The downside? It's a bit too long for me and I can get it over my wrist without undoing it - but that's easily fixed. Also, when it arrived it was slightly bent and I had to bend it back. Unless there's a weakness now (don't think there is) it's ok.

So .......... here's a photo!

See how long it is?!

Of course, while there was 10% on offer I decided that the bracelet shouldn't be lonely in it's journey from Gems to me! So .........

I'm not generally a fan of stackers (or black diamonds) but these were £78 and I wondered how they would look with my black diamond ring so decided to get 2 to have a look. I actually like the look and they also go really well with an eternity ring I have to turn it into a different look!

If you're tempted by these rings just a word of caution - they are so lightweight that a puff of wind would blow them away and they are incredibly tiny (width wise) but the black diamonds have a nice lustre and aren't "dead" like some black diamonds can be.

More photos!

Here they are on their own (2 pushed together) - I would never wear them like this but it's just so you can see them naked!

This is how I WILL wear them!

They sit much better with this ring than it looks like in this photo:

Thanks Gems for the 10% and the lovely items.
I love the bracelet i can't get over the price talk about watching at the right time!
The black diamond bands look great with both of your other rings, a very good bit of mixing and matching, you buying black diamonds never thought i'd see that lol
Hi Aladdin,

I'm serious jealous of your haul, but thanks for the 10% reminder. Might be tempted as no p&p this weekend, so perhaps I'll have a mooch about.

Argey x
Lovely choices Meeshoo:1:

I love the black diamond rings,especially with the pair shaped ring,gorgeous look,and the bracelet is very pretty too.Looks like it would fall off my wrist too.......but I'm sure you have a man who can!!!

Enjoy you new pieces xxx

Hope you don't mind me quoting just part of your post Meesh....just to save space.

Well done on snatching the dainty diamond bracelet, you did some very canny shopping there with all
that gold weight and good quality diamonds. :35:

Also love what you've done with the black and white combinations in both pics.....they look very stylish and classy indeed.

And I'm particularly coveting your white diamond eternity ring in the second pic, its looks beautifully elegant.
here..........sorry to make a mess!

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