Majestic bag....don't be tempted!


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Jun 24, 2008
Just saw a preview for the Majestic's normally on the informercial channels. Yes, they're a great bag, but they are so badly made, it's untrue. I ordered a light brown one, and it had literally worn out after 3 days of light use!
The leather is made from different offcuts, and whilst it's incredibly soft to the touch, I think it is just "sprayed" on.
I was ok with it for the first couple of days, but on day three, I noticed a small hairline crack in the leather at the front of the bag. I was in a hurry, so didn't have time to change my bag. When I got home, I noticed that more cracks had appeared,and an enormous flaw in the leather on the mobile phone pouch..I don't know how I missed it tbh. The other thing was that the back of the bag where it had been resting against the black tshirt I was wearing, was filthy, and it looked as though I been dragging it along the floor. I took a clean damp cloth to it to find the "leather" stripping off before my eyes leaving massive great white bald patches.
It was badly finished, and I had to cut off quite a few loose threads before I could use it. I sent it back for a refund. Please folks....don't buy it. The QVC Travelon bag is EXACTLY the same bag, I bought mine from Ebay, as I don't qvc due to Basso..but for those that do...if you're tempted buy the Travelon is top quality and actually has a few more extra key holder and light and additional credit card/valuables purse!

So, please please take heed and don't buy is truly awful quality!
Actually OH bought a black one as a manbag, and it wasn't as bad as the brown one but nethertheless pretty flimsy and it's only a matter of time until the strap breaks the informercial's widely know as the "buxton" bag....AVOID at all costs!
Oh Merryone Ideal World selling something that falls apart ???? surely not :D

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