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May 9, 2009
Did anyone buy this when it was the pick of the day last thursday 29th April. I read all the great reviews about it on here and decided to try it but it has not arrived yet. Does it usually take this long to arrive from ideal world? (my post has been today) A bit dissapointed, hope its not lost in the post somewhere.
Thanks for letting me know, did it come in quite a big box or did the postman on his round manage to deliver it.
It came in a small box and the postman brought it, yours will probably turrn up on Monday. Also just to say I have used it today, and its absolutely brilliant, I always used Bare Escentuals Mineral Foundation and thought that was good, but I am now converted to magic finish after using just once.
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post has just been but still no magic finish, i will give it another couple of days and I will get in touch with ideal world.

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