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Jun 24, 2008
Lulu's 4 Piece Discovery Collection
Try Me Price £25.47
QVC Price £30.50
Item Number 226782
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UK P&P £3.45
Get a taste of Lulu's Time Bomb collection with this great four-piece set of products essential to the whole Time Bomb beauty regime. The set contains Flashback night cream (12ml), Glory Days day cream (12ml), Blast to the Past dermabraision (12ml) and Smart Balm eye balm (12ml). And, as an extra treat, there is also a small Time Eau De Toilette (2ml). Experience Lulu's wonderful beauty collection for yourself.
oh I have been tempted to try this range! Thank you for the info Sazza :)
Lulu's Time Bomb try me

I tried it, and I like it! I like it alot!! :)

Anyone tried the oil? I think it's called juice or something, recommended?
pots not full

I thought I'd get this for a possible pressie for someone. Came today so thought I'd check the pots to make sure they were new/full. The dermabrasion and eye cream pots are full. The night cream has a big air hole in it and the day cream ... well the pot is less than half full - no air hole, just looks like it's been used. Is this normal with her products??

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