Lulu Guinness Jewellery Tuesday 18 Nov 2pm


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Jun 24, 2008
Lulu Guinness Jewellery • Tuesday 18 Nov • 2pm

Lulu Guinness is known for her innovation and style in the world of fashion and now wants to share with you her elegant yet quirky line of jewellery. Featuring iconic pieces and seasonal sensations.

if its as pricey as the bags this wont go down too well
Well, I'd feel like Emily Howard meets Dick Emery if I minced up the road with one of her bags. The shows are worth watching for the laugh mostly. The prices are waaaay beyond my purse and most of the bags look like something a five year old beauty pageant entrant would parade with...
chocolate box

umm, having sat through her cutting edge handbag designs, I have no doubt that this new line will indeed be unique, dynamic and extremely 'unusual'. Tell me folks what might we expect in the jewellery line:
Something in the tiara line ?
Lulu guinness jewellery

ulu Guinness Lipstick&Lip Pendant & 41cm Necklace

Lulu Guinness Long Icon Lipstick and Lips Earrings

Lulu Guinness Silver Tone Icon Bracelet

Lulu Guinness Lips Mirror Pendant on Necklace

Lulu Guinness Lipstick and Lips Charm T-bar Bracelet

Lulu Guinness Lips & Lipstick Pendant on Necklace

Lulu Guinness Pave Crystal Lip Stud Earrings

Lulu Guinness Enamel Lips Brooche

Lulu Guinness Chunky Enamel Charm Bracelet

Lulu Guinness Triple Row Beaded Necklace

Lulu Guinness Black Resin Bangle with Bow Inserts

Lulu Guinness Flat Bow on Necklace

Lulu Guinness Flat Bow Black Enamel Earrings

Lulu Guinness Acrylic Crystal Set Bow Brooche
Oooh, I like some of those. There might be a Christmas pressie for me amongst that lot.


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