Lucy .. get this woman off my screen


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Bling Hunter

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Oct 3, 2008
Why do they employ this woman, I am sure that I will throw something at the screen one day, I think she has to be the most annoying presenter of jewellery on television that there has ever been.

It is keeping my fingers active as soon as I hear her screaching I can flick to another channel in record time :)
Oh no Bling Hunter, try some of the other channels, there are far worse, believe me:laugh::laugh:

I feel the same lucy cant be watched personally just flick see shes on and flick off again lol
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I have to agree Blinghunter, she drives me mad, too. She shouts and squeals constantly. I can't take to her at all, even on mute she is so flamin loud. As soon as I see its her, I switch off. Come on Gems, get rid, she's losing you custom!
It's my day off today so I settle down with my coffee and toast turn on the TV and there she is catawalling, shouting so loud, don't know if she is desperate for sales but she was worse than normal, I never thought that was possible.

Thank goodness the lovely Sam took over from her, I can't believe that Lucy is on so much, maybe it's just that she is so loud and annoying that I notice her more.
I used to feel like that too until Rocks & Co came along!! Have you seen the screaming Jerrilee (Jeerylooney), Blonde "I was in Gone with the Wind in a previous life" Sam, Stacey with the verbal diarrohea, the "rare rare rare" Paul Bridges, Kay the repribate from TJC etc etc?!! OMG they make Lucy and Adina look so professional - and that's saying something!!
Drew's g/f, pretty girl with glossy dark hair, it's just that her voice is an acquired taste, but I really don't find her that bad compared to some others.

Oh I know now, shoulder length hair?? She is a bit loud and screechy but not as annoying as the Rocks&Co trio of airheads. :rolleyes: :pPC:
I agree about Paul Bridges I think he has to be the worst male presenter, maybe he could go back to Australia and take Lucy with him.

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