lovely fat Emerald Ring !


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Aug 5, 2008
Well, The Delivery Man came MUCH later than usual.... typical, when I was waiting so keenly for the package.... but... IT'S HERE!!!!
The large.... oh, yes, indeed it is... Columbian Emerald and Diamond ring that I got from RocksTV last Thursday evening!

Only had briefest chance to photograph it as yet and not able to get the proper colour yet.... but will post pic anyway just to show it's here and it's very satisfyingly fat.....
I suspected ( hoped, very much hoped) that the colour as seen n the video stream and RocksTV pic was not accurate... it wasn't.... ring in real life is much nicer!

Stone has just enough silk in it to be real beyond doubt but is remarkabley clear and extremely vibrant.... tremendous sparkle for an emerald.
Diamonds are not quite as good as I would have hoped, but to naked eye are very pretty and against such a large, glamorous emerald, you don't see 'em other than as decotration!
Emerald is stated to be 5.76 cts and 10mm x 9mm, Columbian : it actually measures 12mm x 10 mm and depth of the lovely chubby stone is approx. 9mm !! Diamonds add up to 0.32ct so reasonable weight there.
Gold weight is stated as 6.13gms though the shank still seems a bit light... would have liked it a bit thicker to balance top of ring. Gold finishing is okay, again it could be a little neater...but in the end, it's all about the bling!!

I will get my OH to try to capture better pix to show the real colour and brilliance of the ring.......but, to be going on with.........


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:WOW: :WOW: :WOW: It's totally fabulous Mathilda, the stone looked very good on screen, and I think you got a belter of a bargain for the price.

Wear it in good health and enjoy, it's gorgeous.

Mathilda....that ring is amazing, wonderful, fabulous, gorgeous etc! I admit to being more that a little jealous. Health to wear.
Thanks, Folks! I am chuffed with it.
Will be very frustrated if we cannot manage to get photos to really show how pretty it is.... colour is very bright ....not the very dark look you get with very heavily oiled stones, and the clarity is fab..... looks good with my "old" Columbian ring but makes my Siberian Emarald ring, which is a real stunner in its own right, look second rate by comparison because of the depth of the stone on this new one. Siberian is in white gold, which tends to emphasise the blue tones, too, so that may be part of it. BTW, I bought the Siberian from Steve when he was on air at the other place!!
I must have missed that one, it looks really beautiful. I've got some lovely emerald cut Colombian emerald earrings and would love a ring to join them (and a pendant!). What a beautiful gem to come from a country that is messed up in so many ways.
wow, thats stunning. I saw you buy that and was as green as your emerald with envy. Its beautiful, wear it in the best of health :1
I watched the auction and was so glad that someone bought it. It looks incredible, I'm so glad it has lived up to expectations. Enjoy it Mathilda, it's a beauty. :D
Congratulations on your emerald, Mathilda, it is stunning, thank you for posting a piccie!
So glad that you are pleased with your purchase Mathilda, was watching the auction and was pleased it went to a good home.

It looks absolutely scrummy:32:

Now that's what I call a serious piece of bling! Enjoy wearing it you lucky thing!

You could invent a new game ...match the colour of the faces of everyone who sees it to the colour of your ring! :54:
good on you for getting the nicest ring i've seen on rocks so far
I adore emeralds and wish you real joy when you wear it .
Like everyone else i am totally jealous lol

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