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miss poly

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Oct 24, 2008
North Lincs
A ring I had delivered last week has just lost its stone!
I have emailed them and wait for the reply haven't phoned as its quite late
has any one else had a problem :49:
Hi miss poly

Welcome to the forum

Not had any problems with gemstones falling out (yet that is and hopefully not) all the jewellery I have received has been very good quality I'm sure if you contact them they will be able to replace oh by the way I've emailed them and they haven't been very good in replying so probably best to ring customer services
Tel:0845 194 9726 they only work Monday to Friday's 8am to 6pm I learnt this last weekend when I couldn't speak to anyone about missing order think they really need some customer services even if it's just Saturday Morning
Hi Miss Poly and Welcome from me too.

Sorry to hear about your ring but I'm sure they'll sort it out for you. I've had a fair few pieces now and like PandaBear says they've all been very good quality and I'm delighted with them. As a matter of interest what ring was it?
It was a lemon citrine and topaz silver ring for my daughter
she likes chunky jewellery and she wore it to work, and the stone came out

I tried ringing this morning, didn't realise it was only Mon-Fri

but I haven't had much luck with orders either when I've phoned (web orders not arriving) I like their gems just not the whole operation it needs honing
Dear Miss Polly,

I'm so sorry about your ring, I have contacted customer services on your behalf, to request that you are properly taken care of, so please get in touch with Customer Services to resolve this issue.
Phoned CS yesterday and told to send ring back for a replacement, no mention of postage, wasn't impressed
Got an email forn CS saying send it back and put note on cost of postage in the letter for a refund,
will send it back tommorrow as I was at work today and 1/2 post office here.

I havent been impressed with the replies I've had on other problems so i will have to see
Hey Miss Polly,

I'm sorry that Customer Service did not originally tell you that your postage would be reimbursed, but I hope that this is now resolved and you're looking forward to getting your sparkling new ring!

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