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Jul 9, 2008
Anyone recommend any sets they have bought recently where the lid hinges are OK?

Just bought a couple of the large containers and lid hinges are broken.
Many Thanks
i bought a set of the 6 with the air valve and date ring. i wouldnt recommend them. some of the boxes let in air and one valve broke within days.

stick with the original concept, ive found them to be great however they DO stain so the polycarbonate ones may be worth a look.
I think he is Sue but he's right on the Polycarbonate ps,Home Bargains have really cheap L+L at the mo.
Bought some pieces for £1.50 each last week in InStore, they don't have a full range but they are all decent sizes.
Isn't there anywhere online that does cheap L&L? Being London-based, there are no discount stores for me :(

I really like my polycarbonate but have too many titchy ones, I wish they wouldn't include them in most of the sets.


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