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Jun 24, 2008
Has anyone tried L'Occitane shampoos and conditioners? I usually use Ojon but the Rose shampoo and conditioner sounds nice, and I do like the Rose fragrance.
Haven't tried them myself but Alexis was saying yesterday that she uses them daily and her hair always looks lovely and shiny. She also mentioned she'd got AY using the Rose shampoo and conditioner and she was loving them too.
I have the rose shampoo and conditioner Snuffles but although I love the smell, I find they leave my hair weighted down and greasy feeling no matter how much I rinse. I do use them occasionally just to get through the bottles (it didnt seem worth returning them) but wouldn't re-purchase as it doesnt make my hair look as lovely as Alexis's :15:

I agree with BetLynch. I have fine hair, but masses of it, so it can get weight down quickly.
I akso tried the volumising ones and found they made my scalp greasy as well. Gave up after that.
i have used the lavender one and the green (?) one in shampoo and conditioner, would love to try the rose but can't afford it at the mo.

they are lovely to use and the scent is lasting and fresh, but to be honest i found i needed to wash hair more often.

made hair shiney, but then so does normal shamppo.

i could swear that alexis always claimed she used shea liquid soap on her hair, cos based on that theory i tend to wash once in fructis or whatever and the a 2nd wash in l'occitane shower gel, the vanilla or the amber give best shine, the condition with whatever pantene usually but then i squeeze suds over my hair from shower net thingie over my hair and rinse.

get good results
I have the Rose ones, and they smell really nice, but you have to use a tiny amount of the conditioner as it can leave your hair greasy, even if you rinse 10 times. Will not repurchase
I prefer the angelica shampoo which leaves your hair squeeky clean, but the smell is too herby/medicinal to me.
I recently got the verbena shampoo and conditioner and tried them yesterday after I'd been ill and with a migraine - they were fantastic! I have greasy hair with dry frizzy ends and it smelt nice and looked good - and made me feel better - I have to be careful with smells after a migraine and this really helped.
Thanks everyone. I suppose I was tempted because Alexis has such lovely hair.
I have also heard her say she uses the liquid soaps and I have also heard her say she uses the lavender hair stuff for detox... I suspect she still has a mate at Aveda!!!

Hope you feel better now, Bigcat. I get migraine too - thankfully not too often - but like you my sense of smell heightens. i also have asthma and many scents make that worse.

If it ever comes on as a good deal - maybe a OTO or in a TSV I'll try, but other than that I'll give it a miss.
Love L'Occitane for my hair, I have quite thick hair so have never experienced these products making my hair feel greasy or weighed down. I mostly use the shower creams as shampoo and use the Angelica conditioner, my hair is prone to friziness and this really helps.
Never considered this shampoo but if I read 'can make my hair greasy' my eyes always light up because my hair is always dry from too much colouring!
I've used the "L'Occitane 4 Piece Shea Butter Haircare Collection" & this was really good.

Haven't tried the rose shampoo/conditioner, but I have tried the bath/shower gel & this seemed to dry my skin out, so I don't think I'll chance trying them!
Never considered this shampoo but if I read 'can make my hair greasy' my eyes always light up because my hair is always dry from too much colouring!

Hi QVC Addict, I have my hair bleached (coloured at the hairdressers every six weeks) and wash and straighten it every single day so you can imagine the condition of my tresses but the rose shampoo/conditioner still made it feel greasy. Its not a nice greasy/glossy/moisurised appearance, just looks unwashed. Its a shame as I really do like the fragrance which lasts all day (probably because you cant rinse the product out:33:)

i though alexis always used the lavender body wash & never mentioned a conditioner......ive been using an olive one fo theirs.............nice........might be persuded to rebuy but in larger sizes.........
the body wash gets goods results on my hair with a shiseido or whatever is at hand to finish off.............alexis's hair always looks fabulous......
also to remember that the more concentrated ones will not need as much product hince why they are supposed to save our money............less is more approach maybe
alexis's hair always looks fabulous......

Yes it does and I wish I'd been blessed with such good hair genetics but sadly not :(

I suspect she could wash her hair in Fairy and it would still look good compared to mine using expensive stuff!

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