L'Occitane Rose Nuit de Mai


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Jan 4, 2009
West Midlands
This week I received my freebie with my subscription to Instyle Magazine - I got 250ml each of Rose Nuit de Mai Shower Gel and Body Lotion and a roll on perfume. Never smelled this before and probably wouldn't have bought it but IT'S LOVELY.

I know I didn't buy this from QVC but I'm seriously tempted to buy it again. It's not a sickly rose, it's quite sophisticated - COMME MOI :D (Hope my memories of O Level French haven't let me down).
l'occitane rose de nuit

i did order this when it was the tsv and i also took a gamble and ordered the perfume, i'm so pleased i did cause its gorgeous, its not old fashioned but fresh and very slightly heady - just like a bouquet of beautiful roses.
does anyone else think it smells like the jo malone rose a bit more musky and dryer unlike the 4 reins which is a sweeter younger rose.
can you imagine an edp in this really lucious...

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