l'occitane peach blossom


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Jun 19, 2009
the lake district
hi everyone,

just wanted to ask if any of you had personnally experienced l'occitanes peach blossom edt?

thinking of trying it but wanted to know how strong the scent is and if it lasts any length of time.

many thanks. :sun:
i have tried it several times; it is a delightful, 'fresh' fragrance.
If it smells as strong as the shower gel with the balls, and the lotion then I would say lovely and go for it!! xxxxx
I am on my 2nd bottle
its lovely,fresh and light but I dont think it lasts long
I just spritz it more often!!
i got a kit from l'occ in brussels and there was a 20ml bottle included. it is lovely, actually.
I haven't bought it yet but did smell it the other day and it smelt absolutely gorgeous. I always buy L'Occitane perfumes as my skin can't tolerate a lot of brands and I plan to get it when I have used up the ones I presently have on the go. The other one that is fab is the Rose Nuit.

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