l'Occitane OTOs?


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Boris Bear

Registered Shopper
Jun 24, 2008
Has anyone found any OTOs for tomorrow? I'm looking for a pressie for someone and I'm not really sure what she likes so a OTO might be ok.
I think there is a good chance the TSV will sell out. I love the Body lotion they do, its not in the Tsv but its my favourite body lotion so moisturising.
I think they have been lucky with the weather, if it was cold and pouring down I don't think they would have sold as many of the Bergamot option. Has there been any mention of how many they had?
They are always very cagey about the amount they have but over half the stock was gone at 11am and they didnt have as much of the Bergamot as they did of the Rose
Rose option on waitlist now. There should be some OTO's but only one more L'Occitane show to go after this one.
love my l'occitane but i have noticed the tsv are getting dearer and dearer.
this one is pushing nearer the £50 mark.
the postage cost was mighty high to..
not sure about the bergamont as i have a jasmine mily mist its alright part of this tea range and it does have a tea like smell.not awfull just tealike....
sale in the shops from tommorow and unlike qvc as long as you go on mailing list you get special offers like 10% off everything inc sale stuff...

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